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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  November 10, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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abusing their power is a government official. >> paul: that is this week show. i'm paul gigot. we hope to see you right here next week. >> on fox news watch. we are projecting the battleground state of ohio for president obama. >> ohio, president obama. >> we can now definitively say president obama will be re-elected. >> president obama has won a second team-term. >> jon: they are calling a big win for president obama giving him four more years in the white house and usual suspects. >> i'm so glad we had the storm last week. >> did the media cheerleading help him take the win. >> before we have 970 votes separating the candidate and quarter of the count.
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>> and race call in ohio and liberal press takes shots at him and fox news. >> the best is yet to come. >> four more years of an obama administration, a redofor the president to make things right. it will be a media love fest. >> we're intensifying what happened on this. >> jon: cbs news releases more about what he thought about the benghazi attack but is it proof that cbs was helping the white house hide the truth. now the election come and gone, what do americans and late night comics have to look forward to. >> how do you repay me? four more years. >> jon: on the panel this week, judy miller, cal thomas, jim pinkerton and columnist kirsten
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powers. i'm jon scott. fox too news watch is on right now. i wish all of them. particularly first lady and their daughters. this is time of great challenges for america. [ applause ] >> i pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation. [ applause ] >> tonight in this election you, the american people reminded us while our world has -- our road has been hard and journey been long we have picked ourselves up. we have fought our way back. we know in our hearts that for
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the united states of america the best is yet to come. >> jon: that the way election night ended. so considering it all, jim, after more than a year long campaign, it's over? did it fit the media narrative? >> it ended the way the media wanted it to end. the feeling perspective let's go back to july 10th, 2004 when evan thomas of newsweek said media support for democrats, quote, maybe 15 points. on october 17th, 2004 he amended that to five points. he won by two points. >> jon: you think if media were absolutely fair, mitt romney would be president? >> let's let the viewers judge for themselves. let's go to the media centers where i found those quotes and other quotes from other
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reporters up including jim of politico most of the people he met in journalism vote democratic. then you might make the argument helped the president a great deal. >> i'm going to have to disagree with you there. this is not going to be a database call. its gut call which i know right now is in ill favor because of the outcome of the election. if you really looked at the overall coverage, what were the issues americans cared about. economy and then a big storm on the east coast. they covered it and they covered it pretty well. >> jon: the exit polls thought that voters mitt romney was better equipped to handle the economy than barack obama. >> then it says something about the attitude toward the two men and they made a choice or the two parties and they made a choice. if you just go by viewers, fox mrs. msnbc, romney should have
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won three to one. >> jon: exit polls, some suggest reflected sort of the media theme that barack obama is a kiachbd of the little guy and middle-class and mitt romney is a rich guy that only cares about rich guys? >> i think it's clear that obama is the person who is looking to have middle-class tax cuts and mitt romney was to give tax cuts to rich people. what i would say, the reason i don't think the media played as big of a role in this. the reason barack obama won is because he ran a superior campaign. it was very targeted in these battleground states. i would be more interested in seeing exit polls from the battleground states which unfortunately we didn't have. the national exit polls don't tell us that much because what happened in the battleground states is so radically different.
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the gender gap, there were amazing swings that happened because barack obama's campaign was bombarding them with these messages and mitt romney. >> jon: microtargeting. like facebook and that kind of thing. >> if you think the media are all powerful, how do you explain the republican victories in the past several election cycles. ronald reagan tea party and the rest. the nation is changing, it is younger and less white. first thing the republicans ought to do is get rid of "o" in g.o.p., grand old party. they need an infusion of young and hispanic and black leaders. every time the republicans put one up, condoleezza rice or clarence thomas or whoever, nikki haley, they are being bashed as anti-women they have
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to keep trying. >> romney lost by two points. you spent decades at "new york times" which is most powerful news single entity. how do you see the political coverage of the "new york times"? >> i think there is no doubt most of reporters at the "new york times" lean democratic. there were reporters when george bush that were republican but the same reporters. i don't think you win because the "new york times" endorses you or doesn't endorse you. i think it's irrelevant. people aren't reading it as they used to. >> even journalistic study that president obama sailed in the primaries based on media affection. >> that is not going to help you overcome what he was up against. barack obama defied history by
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getting rye elected. he won by hundred electoral votes. >> he certainly had the media on his side. >> it didn't defy history. 11 of 15 incumbents got re-elected. >> but not with an approval rate under 50. >> jon: he seemed to have the media on his side including chris matthews of msnbc. >> i'm so glad we had that storm last week because i think the storm was one of those things, politically i should say. the storm brought in possibilities. >> jon: yeah, more than a hundred people dead in hurricane. he did apologize for it the next day. >> yes, he did. what does one expect from him. you want to hear that point of view. that is what has happened to the media. we have discussed week after week the intense polarization of
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the media just as we have the electorate. >> after katrina the media pinned all the blame on president bush. after sandy the media pinned all the blame on bloomberg. rudy guliani said fema was just as bad in the wake of sandy but it didn't make the media narrative. >> one thing they did promote. entitlement and greed and envy. this was from bain capital during the republican primary right up to the campaign. this appealed to a lot of people. you heard this in friday afternoon remarks post elections. unlike other post elections there were no reporters there. there were cheerleaders for him. >> jon: much more to come including an analysis of media treatment of republicans. >> president obama's a big loss for the g.o.p. but with the
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election out colonel and liberal media hit on the republican party? did any in the conservative press undermine the party's effort? the answers are next on news watch. if you think running a restaurant is hard, try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. >> announcer: stop! living with hair loss, that is.
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>>. >> monica: was the only one remotely presidential. but think of those that didn't run. paul ryan who i think will be a leader. you have a whole rising young generation. you have bobby jindal, nikki haley. new senator in texas, marco rubio, a whole generation that were just a year or two short from running this time are all going to be in the fray next time. i think they are future. all this soul searching about what ideology we're going pursue and i think it will be reaganite
12:14 pm
and conservative one. >> jon: that is charles krauthammer with his take with mitt romney on the g.o.p. candidate and the future of the republican party. he was one of the bright stars or bright spots i guess. all the other media seemed to be down on the g.o.p.. i think that charles krauthammer is interesting in this case it's a majority view. most people definitely believe that party needs to look at itself. there is a lot of soul stepping that needs to go on. the assumption that blacks and hispanics would not turn out -- when you have this statistic staring you in the face, 50,000 hispanic americans turn 18 every month in this country you better take a look at the party. >> i agree with that. you look what is happening out there. you have an entire two
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generations now who believe that the government owes them something. whole idea, if you build a successful business, the rag against romney he was a rich, out of touch man. we denigrate what we used to promote. rich people are evil and owe other people that sleep till noon. you have seen the obama phone woman. how are you going to get a free phone. you have to be on food stamps and disability. that is the attitude. >> this idea that people that vote for obama are going to be freeloaders and moochers. >> it's true. >> it is not true. >> how do i know that? i look at data who votes for him. these are working people. if you look at the electorate. the people that vote, these are people that work more than one job. these kinds of comments that alienate people.
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>> it's because they have been abandoned by a husband or father or whatever. it's because they can't get a job that pays enough. why is that because of high taxes and regulation, that is why. >> that is not what you were said. you were describing them as moochers on welfare. no, they are not. republican party thinks they are ever going to attract hispanics by talking -- i don't think that. they have to stop saying that is so denigrate go to a large part of the population. >> jon: let's get back to an examination of media coverage. charms krauthammer started with the remarks what he sees in the g.o.p. then there is martin bashir played a clip and said this. i need to to apologize any young viewers that may have been frightened by that face.
12:17 pm
considering all that charles has been through, quadriplegia, how do you get away with making a disgusting statement like that? >> you can get away with it on msnbc. he like chris matthews should apologize. >> i doubt charles cares what martin bashir thinks. >> if we hold the media to stability of stuff we're supposed to be talking about msnbc would suspend the guy for a while. the disability community would demand as john said, been in a wheelchair for 40 years. sort of an amazing story. >> he is not a victim. he is brilliant. he is revered. martin bashir is clown. the idea there has to be an apology. it's disgusting but martin says
12:18 pm
disgusting things almost every time i've seen him on tv. >> if msnbc has a problem with things that people say. >> jon: can you get away n msnbc? >> the way he treated hillary clinton and sarah palin, disgusting disgusting masogeny. >> a significant chunk can pound on republicans and use it. maybe that is not adequate in terms of making the system better. >> let's talk about smear. angry while males. sean penn, they don't get smeared. >> poor white men. >> then there is the cover of newsweek one of the final covers of a printed edition of nice week. g.o.p., too old, too white. but first, if you see something
12:19 pm
that shows evidence of media bias, tweet us fox news watch on twitter. karl rove becomes a liberal media target again. >> i'm raising the question of our responsibility to call these things when it appears to ordinary americans that we are not leading the pack for the sake of that. >> he stirs it up on election night expressing his concerns of the race call in ohio. why is the media questioning the roles of other political pros? that is next on news watch. [ male announcer ] with 160 more miles per tank, the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the new 2013 ram 1500. ♪ with the best-in-class fuel economy.
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fox news can now project that president obama will win the crucial battleground state
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of ohio. long considered to be the harbinger for the nation with 18 electoral votes. ohio, this was the entire ballgame. >> jon: bret baier reporting the crucial call for the presidential race in ohio on tuesday night. a few minutes later, anchor chris wallace got reaction from joe trippi and karl rove. >> if you look at the some of the counties, there are a lot of votes left for obama that could outnumber some of the suburban areas. decision desk is looking at key precincts and that is what they do. we haven't been able to go and do that yet. >> apparently the website is now crashed because they can't refresh it. i don't know what the outcome is going to be. we have to be careful about calling things when we have 991
12:24 pm
votes separating the candidates and quarter of the vote you have to count. even if they have made it on select precincts i would be cautious in this process. not so fast. >> jon: he thought the call had been made too early. meltdown and civil war and rove rejects reality. karl was raving mad. >> you were part of the coverage. i thought karl was perfectly reasonable. >> one of the things that is great about fox, people are allowed to express what they are thinking. it's not controlled by other people everyone thinks there is some behind the scenes. karl was able to say what he thought. it played out tv.
12:25 pm
it was compelling television. there was coverage about sad faces. what are they talking about. when you bring on sarah palin who is died in wool republican, i'm sure she was disappointed. >> i think fox turned into a great moment. terrific television, making kelly go back to the decision desk. do you stand by this call. they did. that is what news organizations do when they have character and backbone. in case you want to watch it. megyn leaving the set and strolling to our decision desk where she found out that they did disagree with karl at that point in the evening. they were backing up the call for ohio. >> then they had michael on and karl on. it was compelling television. >> the media tried to insinuate that somehow karl was
12:26 pm
manipulating our decision desk when in fact -- he is an independent voice. >> i agree it's part of the response syndrome. a lot of people on the left have hatred for him on the left. and poeticly link up florida in 2000 or nervous breakdown or whatever it was -- whatever. anybody was watching tv that night for a while, romney was ahead in ohio a little bit. they called it for obama. anybody, citizen would have to scratch his head and say what is that all about. here is what we think. here is what we think. the fact they were proven right the fact in the decision room knew what they were doing. >> we had a phrase when i was
12:27 pm
working for nbc we want to be first but more importantly we wanted to be right. i think karl rove was exercising proper caution. look at the past elections when the decision desks have been wrong. in 2000, the media, why are you doing this? look at the voting still going on in california or alaska. >> speculation in 2000 it may have affected the outcome of the election because people in the western time zone. >> and 1980 when carter people felt that way. and it affected the house and senate races sometimes. >> jon: nobody seemed to be questioning george stephanopolous former spokesman for bill clinton, angering the coverage for abc. >> i think george stephanopolous has done a good job of
12:28 pm
transitioning a reporter role. karl has a side. he has a side. he is allowed to have a side. it's out in the open. >> jon: next on news watch, no longer an election issue. would the benghazi attack get any real media attention? >> it's too early to know exactly how this came about, what group was involved, but obviously it was an attack on americans. >> cbs releases a new clip adding more controversy on the deadly attacks in benghazi. was cbs and other media helping the white house spin a cover-up over the terror attacks? details next on news watch. sometimes life can be well, a little uncomfortable. but when it's hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go.
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>>. live from america's news headquarters, i'm arthel nevil.
12:32 pm
>> battle lines drawn, president obama says he will only accept a plan to stop automatic tax hikes and spending cuts if it requires wealthy americans to pay more taxes. in a republican address, joan boehner says taxes shouldn't go up for anyone but they reform tax laws and entitlement programs. a short time ago. governor mitt romney sending a first message on his election to speak. tweet reads from the bottom of our hearts i thank you for your support, effort prayers and vote. we are grateful to every one of you. i'm arthel nevil. we'll get you back to fox news watch. log on to i'll be back here at 6:00 p.m. eastern alongside rick folbaum. i hope to see you then. >> mr. president, this morning, you went out of your way to avoid the use of word terrorism
12:33 pm
in connection with the libya attack. do you believe this was a terrorist attack? >> it's too early to know how this came about, what group was involved, but obviously, it was an attack on americans. we are going to be working with the libyan government to make sure we bring these folks to justice one way or the other. >> it's been described as a mob action. there are reports they were very heavily armed, with grenades. doesn't sound like a normal demonstration? >> we are investigating exactly what happened. >> jon: two days before the election, cbs posted that clip from a september 12th interview that president obama seems to contradict himself on the benghazi attack. he would not say whether he thought the attack that killed a u.s. ambassador and three other americans was terrorism, but we all remember, jim, what happened
12:34 pm
during the debate. >> we do. when candy crowley jumped on the stage talking about the stage. [ laughter ] look. hands off to bret baier that noticed this but was first to print it and this information that makes the president look inconsistent. why did cbs wait almost six weeks, almost two months to make it available to the public. >> practice is in the past. what is not in the air you put the is rest on the web so people can access it. to have this out few days before the election feeds the conspiracy theorists. >> some of them are smart people that its cover-up. >> i think there is difference between making a mistake and the
12:35 pm
conspiracy. put me down in they made a mistake department. if they were really part of a conspiracy they wouldn't have released this information at all until after the election. i think news organizations are bureaucratic and turf driven organizations. the purpose of the 60 minutes interview was not, focus was not benz, it was the economy and broader record. the reporter involved steve croft is very balanced. when it was discovered that they had news, they did put it out there. too late that they put it out. >> why not do it the week before? >> i think probably if you take what judy says and accept that as the truth, i would say it speaks to a bigger problem with the media. they weren't following the benghazi story. they bought the administration's
12:36 pm
line. that is what happened to candy crowley. they weren't following this. they were taking a direction from the white house and parolting what they heard. the fact that he didn't know it was news says more about the broader media culture. >> jon: let's imagine during the debate candy crowley had backed up the president, if somebody enterprising news producer, probably 25 saw that interview, thissaid, wait a minute we have news here. we could play the president and his thinking on the day after the attack. what would that have done? >> i think it would have made a big difference. look what they did to condi rice or abu abu ghraib. or the media had a template number one horse race.
12:37 pm
oh, by the way, sub text, support obama. >> i don't accept the idea the media weren't paying attention. so that is why they didn't focus on this. it's a big story. we have had terrorism on the front pages of our newspapers and in lead pages on television newscast. this is part of a larger piece. this is part of the islamic world saying they are coming after us. if we don't believe that that is problem with mind set of the american people is there. >> jon: congress wants to take this up. it's not an election issue anymore. will the media treat this as a serious story or will it be just a republican attempts to go after the white house? >> i would like to think they would take it seriously. unless some democrats get on board, it is going to come off
12:38 pm
as being a partisan attack. >> why would democrats do that. >> i think they believe what the white house is saying. they believe it was a fog of war and all these other things. the other thing i said, chairman issa damaged himself with fast and furious thing. it ended up bearing no fruit. it looks like he is partisan going after the president. in this situation there is a lot of questions that need to be answered. >> i think they are going to be answered. the problem the way the story was covered there was too few mainstream reporters covering it. this made the cbs harder to accept. cbs is one of networks that paid attention to benghazi. now, we are going to have hearings and get answers finally. >> jon: up next, the hits and misses of social media and the election. it's the little things in life that make me smile.
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>>. >> jon: according to twitter there were 327,000,452 defeats per minute at 11:19 p.m. when the elections called the presidential race for barack obama. rest of the night had some other activity, as well. by friday it had been retreated 800,000 times and liked on facebook more than 4 billion
12:43 pm
times. so, this was perhaps the biggest election involving social media. has the impact been overstated. >> i noted on the show before the disparity between barack obama and mitt romney were orders of making any tied like ten times. i was speculate go. who knows for sure because there is subculture a lot of the social media is fake and bots and groans. however, now we know we know that president obama took a two million vote lead and turned it into a lead of electoral college spread meaning he did a better job. >> jon: obama campaign sent out seven times as many tweets during the course of the
12:44 pm
campaign as the romney campaign. >> exactly. the economist mainstream magazine took that tweeted picture and made the cover showing the impact of the social media. the way it is picked up by mainstream media. 20% of the people that sent out those tweets set they had used it to try to influence their friends to vote a certain way. we have a double effect here. >> jon: perfect time to bring a pew stewed. voters 18-29 and 30-49, look at the numbers there. they have been encouraged to vote 45% and 40% on voter media. announced their vote by a social media. 29 and 29. and encouraged two others to vote for a particular candidate 34% of the 18-29-year-olds encouraged other to vote via
12:45 pm
social media. that is an astounding number. >> yeah. >> let's say if you are a republican parent living in the east and have a democratic daughter at a college in the west. i just voted for romney. i hope you will too. as jim pointed out the disparity between the romney and obama campaigns on social media. they obviously did a much better job the obama campaign turning out their base than romney did. >> one of the themes out of election in the coverage that the romney campaign had yard signs and obama campaign had instant messages. we know who won this. mike flynn did a terrific piece, republicans have a huge problem they don't have a silicon valley connection.
12:46 pm
there are 40 executives from silicon valley working with obama campaign. and oraca was a complete fiasco. this is not a good sign. this is something that reporters will be digging up. >> jon: one of problems with social media that bad news travels fast. brian williams the nbc anchor had to correct an incorrect tweet that went out. there is a rogue re-tweet that we have called the massachusetts senate race. we have not. >> that happened a couple times on election night where someone would tweet something out. somebody that you are following and would get retweeted and elizabeth warren, she ended up winning burr much before it was called. >> a look ahead to the coverage we can expect over the next four years.
12:47 pm
>> president obama gets a second chance. another four more years as our president and another four more years of media infatuation -- or will the media take him to the task over the hard issues? answers are next on news watch. why let constipation slow you down?
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. >> now that those on the campaign trail have had a chance to get some sleep, it's time to get back to work. there is plenty of work to do. as i said on tuesday night the american people voted for action not politics as usual. you would like for us to focus on your jobs and not ours.
12:51 pm
i have invited leaders to the white house next week so we can start to build consensus over the challenges that we can only solve together. >> jon: repeating what he said in his victory speech getting congress to fix the problems that americans are facing. it was a conciliatory one. i heard him say it's up to congress to fix this fiscal cliff that is coming up at the end of year. >> this is beginning. this negotiations back and forth immovable object that republicans have a mandate, too. we'll see. >> jon: it is curious, the coverage seems to presuppose the only person that got re-elected was the president when john boehner and all the others got re-elected, as well? >> if you still believe in hope
12:52 pm
and change, it's amazing that the american people elected the same configuration which is basically a check and balance system that is going to make it hard to do anything no matter by what margin obama won. >> jon: how does the yeid cover the next four years? you have obamacare finally being implemented. economy is still in the doldrums. what is going to be the headline? >> i think it will be focused on the intransigence of the house. not moving to meet obama in the middle. >> i totally agree with that. i would also add as of friday, there was a website that was showing major corporations from boeing to bristol-myers and many others beginning to lay off substantial number of workers. will that be bliapd on obamacare? i don't think so. >> another thing looking ahead, sharon waxman from the "new york
12:53 pm
times" who runs a website. this is hollywood's victory. they won on gay marriage. they won on marijuana, they won on abortion. this is hollywood vision of the country just won a huge victory. >> jon: there are huge issues. you have iran pursuing the bomb. you have north korea having the bomb. there are all kind of problems out in the world and the president is going to have to deliver. how are the media going to cover it? >> i hope they cover with more skepticism than we have done the first time. why is it the famous shooting down, non-shooting down of the drone story only got released after the election and not before? eventually the media have to say wait a minute, why aren't we finding these out in a timely matter. >> and we were negotiating with
12:54 pm
iranians and the obama administration denies it. "new york times" defended their own report on the denials. >> up next, what will the late night comedians do now they don't have mitt romney to kick around anymore.
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card just for inquiring about the sleep number bed. ask about our risk-free 30-night in-home trial. call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! >>. >> jon: last week we reported that late night comedians took more shots at governor romney than all democrats combined. >> what are you people doing here? shouldn't you be out celebrating [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm going to bring you the truth. it's been seven years and how do you repay me?
12:58 pm
four more years of -- >> president obama being re-elected as president of the united states, congratulations! it turns out it's not all bad news for the republican. i guess depression is covered under obamacare. >> after 18 months the election is over. [ applause ] now, we can get back to what is really important. what is the shell going on with bruce jenner's face? >> and long national nightmare is over. we have expressed our will at the polls and we have proved again american democracy is alive and well even though florida was confused as an old person with an iphone. >> are you still watching fox news? this. this is my concession call. blah, blah he did it. >> is everything okay.
12:59 pm
you seem a little down. >> i really wanted to be president. i was going to create 12 million jobs. >> look, you created one job, except it was for me. >> very funny. i could laugh at myself, ha, ha. >> how is paul ryan taking this whole thing? >> not good. he just ripped the bow flex machine with his bare hands. >> how about biden? >> he is playing naked twister with diane sawyer and chris matthews. >> and when more biden is done he will making a cameo appearance on parks and recreation. that is wrap for news watch. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. keep it right here on fox news channel. we will see you


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